Cochrane Cancer and Cochrane Nursing Collaboration

Cochrane’s Cancer Network and Cochrane Nursing are collaborating to produce a series of Cochrane Cancer review summaries for publication in journals internationally. 

In early 2020, the Cancer Network team reached out to the Nursing Field to discuss ways to work together. In addition to wanting to connect more with other Groups in Cochrane, the Cancer Network is keen to increase its impact and disseminate Cochrane evidence to a wider audience. Network members recognise that one way to do this is to produce summaries of Cochrane reviews for publication in academic journals. Cochrane Nursing have years of experience in this with its long standing ‘Cochrane Corner’ column series. The work involves regular liaison with Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs), review authors and members of the Field to create comprehensible summaries of Cochrane reviews for leading international journals.  Therefore, the teams have decided to join forces to work on summary development. 

Each of the six Cancer CRGs have identified a recent review which will be turned into an easy to understand summary by a member of the Cochrane Nursing for publication in this group’s collaborating journals. The Network Support Fellow for the Cancer Network, Cancer CRGs and the Cochrane Nursing will work together throughout the process of summary development. 

The final list of reviews has been sent to Cochrane Nursing and column development as begun!