Help us find the top 10 priority topics for research into Breast Cancer

Cochrane is for anyone interested in using high-quality information to make health decisions. Whether you are a doctor or nurse, patient or carer, researcher or funder, Cochrane evidence provides a powerful tool to enhance your healthcare knowledge and decision making.

In one form or another, all of us innately prioritize work based on available resources (e.g. time, finances). This year, Cochrane’s Breast Cancer Review Group is developing a set of clear priorities for research into breast cancer to inform the production of high quality systematic reviews in the Cochrane Library.

If you are an individual who has received treatment or completed treatment for breast cancer, a carer, doctor, nurse, policy maker or part of a medical college or advocacy group, we would love to hear from you!

You can contribute to this priority setting process by completing our online survey (using the link or QR code below). You will be prompted to rank your top 10 topics from the list provided.

The findings from this survey will help us decide priorities and future topics in the field of breast cancer research not yet addressed in the Cochrane Library.

Please forward the survey link to people within your breast cancer network.

We look forward to receiving your input. 

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