Message from Cochrane Cancer’s Senior Editor, Dr Nicole Skoetz

Welcome to Cochrane Cancer, one of Cochrane’s Review Group Networks launching in 2018.

The formation of this thematic network is part of Cochrane’s CRG Transformation programme, which sets out the changes we will be making to ensure Cochrane addresses the challenges it faces in relation to the production of a comprehensive collection of timely, high-quality reviews, relevant to our stakeholders.

Our Networks provide an opportunity to optimize leadership and support at a new editorial level within Cochrane. Cochrane Cancer consists of seven Cochrane Review Groups:

These Cochrane Review Groups will work together to produce systematic reviews that cover many topics relating to cancer, and to assist decision-makers who access and use Cochrane evidence in their work. Cochrane Cancer aims to provide the best source of accurate and up-to-date information, especially about the prevention, early detection, and treatments for anyone diagnosed with cancer.

I am delighted to be sharing our new Network with you, together with our reviews, knowledge and resources across many cancer topics in line with Cochrane’s mission of promoting evidence-based medicine for health decision-making across the world.

My best wishes,

Dr Nicole Skoetz
Senior Editor
Cochrane Cancer